Friday, 16 December 2011

l Do Not Have A Gentle Heart

Here we go then peeps.I don't know if anyone will read this but in the end it doesn't matter. These are my thoughts and feelings  and instead of just being in my head they are now free to do what they will. l can one day comeback and read it myself to see how much l've changed or not changed.Whatever, here we go.

l've designed my blog round Game of Thrones because fantasy books have always enthralled me. My first love was Lord of the Rings by Tolkien but Game of Thrones by George Martin is in my opinion similar but you could say the adult version. The theme running through both is good will overcome evil but the cost is great. Both books have strong female characters but l have to say that my favourite at this time is Daernerys Targaryen. She is awfully treat at the beginning and lives an monstrous life. Despite all the trials and tribulations along her path of life she bears it all and grows stronger and stronger. Her innocence, naivety and compassion are lost as she realises that to fight evil she must be as ruthless as them. Well almost, for she maintains a sense of justice but certainly she has no mercy to no longer give, nor wants to. There we have the title to this blog and post -  "I do not have a gentle heart"

That in some ways explains my attitude to non-smokers and some degree smokers who go along with the ban. The no-smoking policy has been pushed through with no mercy and no ethics. The people that should've stood up for smokers just caved in because there were no consequences to face if they didn't. What pressure was put on MP's to stop this affront to freedom? There was almost none. Certainly the smoking lobby failed miserably and is fairing little better nowadays. Each step of the way a little more freedom is given up to appease the anti-smoking lobby but the thing is, you can't appease them. lt's like trying to appease Sauron.

As Leg Iron says (love his blog) it's time we fought back and with a vengeance. No retreat, no surrender, no mercy - we have to go all the way. Just as in Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones things will get worse but we mustn't give up. l really do believe that good will triumph over evil but it will take time and there will be greater losses. Till then we fight on and in anyway we can. At the moment we've gone underground with smokey-drinkies, lock-ins and so on. The funny thing is that we are told smokers numbers are decreasing but the truth is they can't find us. Didn't Leg Iron say we are a Ghost Army?

Woe betide any anti's that think they can frown, tut, pull faces, insult or anything else they wish when they see me smoking. They will do that at their peril, believe me - l no longer have a gentle heart, nor fear, nor mercy and l am not alone!